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At Wolf Creek Auto Glass we provide solutions for all your glass needs.

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We cater to all makes and models of vehicles for repair and replacement.  The only exception is the replacement of Class A motorhome windshields.  We use the most current tools, techniques, and practices to ensure you are satisfied and safe.



Most side and back windows are made of glass which goes through a tempering process which creates extra strength.  It is characterized by the explosion of glass when it does break.  This is a designed safety feature.  When we replace your tempered glass part, we strive to clean up all of the broken glass from your vehicle and often the cleanup process takes longer than the actual replacement process.



We have access to suppliers of sideview mirrors that are as close to original equipment as possible.  They are extremely accurate in fit and function.  We can obtain mirrors with features such as built-in turn signals, heat, blind spot monitoring, etc. providing you with a restored view.

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Our primary goal with chip repairs is to restore the original structural integrity of your windshield.  If we can make it “disappear” in the process that is a bonus.  No two chips are ever the same and as such some disappear better than others.  We do guarantee the repair for the life of the windshield and while we have a 95-96% success rate, there are always a few each year that crack as we actively attempt to repair them.  We would love to offer a 100% success rate but that is not reality.  We also refuse to drill a pilot hole in the chip for the resin to flow as this can be quite dangerous.  If during the drilling process the interlayer that is between the two panes of glass is touched by the bit, the integrity of the windshield is lost, and the windshield should be replaced for safety reasons.  The problem is that this compromise is not known until the integrity of the windshield is tested during the deployment of the airbags or in the event of a rollover accident. 

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With the push by the Automotive Industry to develop truly autonomous cars (self-driving) we are seeing a massive transition in the complexities associated with windshield replacement.  There seems to be no simple process with inclusion of cameras mounted to the windshield of most new cars.  When we replace the windshield, the camera is removed from the bracket that holds it to the windshield and it is placed into the bracket of the new windshield.  This means that the camera must be recalibrated to account for any (even 1mm will affect its performance and accuracy) variance form the placement of it on the prior windshield.  We perform a pre-test diagnostic to see if there are any current issues with the camera.  If a code exists, we will contact you and advise it be dealt with by the car dealer prior to the replacement of the windshield.  If there are no codes, we replace the windshield, complete a post-test diagnostic to ensure all is ok with the camera and then proceed with the recalibration of the camera.  The recalibration may consist of a Static Calibration completed in the shop using target boards with our computer attached to the car), a Dynamic Calibration (completed on the road following criteria determined by our computer attached to your vehicle), or a Universal Calibration (consisting of both Static and Dynamic Calibration).



We can replace almost all sunroofs, both fixed and sliding, with a very few exceptions.  The difficult part in replacing a sunroof is removing all the broken glass.  As little as two or three small pieces can cause issues if they become wedged in the tracks of the sunroof.  There are limited instances when the vehicle may have to go to a dealer to have the entire sunroof frame removed from the car.  This is a very rare occurrence.  Driving the car as little as possible and having the broken sunroof replaced as soon as possible help minimize the risk of additional cost and time.



We replace windshields in Class “C” motorhomes and are usually able to replace the side windows in both Class “A” and Class “C” motorhomes.  We are also able to replace windows in travel trailers and 5th wheel trailers.  The only exception are the trailers where the side windows sit proud of the trailer side.  They edges are exposed.  Unfortunately, due to their design the entire window and frame must be replaced.  We do not replace windshields on Class “A” motorhomes.



We always recommend replacing the wipers every 8-12 months depending on usage.  The cost is reasonable, and they are a safety feature.  Scratches from old wipers in your new window are impossible to remove.



We can replace single pane and sealed windows units when they are brought into the store.  We do not have the staff available for mobile visits.  We are also able to supply tabletops, tempered glass, shelves, and mirror for a wide variety of projects.  We are happy to discuss your needs and supply the appropriate product for you.  We also carry a variety of acrylic (Plexiglas) and Polycarbonate (Lexan) in 4’ x 8’ sheets of varying thicknesses and we can cut it to suit your requirements.

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